Explore São Miguel Island

The Azores are known for having all four seasons in one day, but in all seasons there is something to discover. From relaxing in the warm iron waters, visiting farms, wine tasting, exploring caves, waterfalls, venturing into the sea, seeing dolphins and whales, to the most breathtaking walks here, just let yourself go. The Azores are beautiful and we are here to welcome you.
Suggestions from our staff
- Gruta do Carvão (Lava Cave) - for the rainy days
- Mercado da Graça (Farmers Market) - discover local and handmade products
- Whale Watching - the classics never disappoint
- Countless Lakes - brace yourself, things are about to get incredible
- Canoeing - why not?
- Hot Springs - melt the stress away
- Arquipélago, Centro de Artes - for the arts and architecture fans
- Visit an Animal Farm - great for the little ones
- Pineapple Greenhouses - for the curious ones
- Beaches and Natural Swimming Pools - the mild ocean awaits you